10 Easy Ways on How to Slash Electricity Power Utility Bill

People around the world are bothered about increasing energy costs and rising home electric bills. The home electric meter is also moving fast because of more and more use of home appliances and gadgets. The electric bill gets higher during summer with heavy cooling demands. People want to know how to save energy at home and office and slash electricity bills.

Well, saving on electricity entirely depends on your living conditions and living standards. If you use a lot of home and kitchen appliances or too many home cooling or home heating systems, electric bills are bound to increase. How to save energy and slash and lower electric bill in an integral part of any home improvement project. The money you save on electric bills can be utilized on other home improvement projects.

So, what are some good tips to slash and lower electric bills? Well, you need to follow some rules and tips to slash and lower down the electric meter bills.

Top 10 easy ways to save energy and slash and lower your electric bills:

Slash Electric Bill

Slash Electric Bill

  1. Turn off lights and other appliances when not in use or when you are out of home: This is one of the easiest measures to save electricity and slash electricity bills. Most of us know this but still do not follow the basic rule. Just follow this simple rule and slash your home electricity bill by about 10-15%. Also make sure to unplug all unused plugs even when the switch if OFF.
  2. For indoor lighting, use dimmer or lower wattage bulbs and tubes: For. E.g. bathrooms can have lower watt bulbs or tubes because there is no need of brighter light in bathroom. Of course, you can have a higher wattage bulb or tube light in the living area and reading area. But again there are bulbs, LED Lights and tube lights that consume less power. You can install them and save energy and money.
  3. Use electrical appliances less: Use them wisely. For e.g. run a clothes dryer with full loads or dry your clothes in the sun. Cook your food in a microwave instead of electric oven. Buy all home appliances marked “Energy Star”. Appliances marked Energy Star are checked for their energy efficiency. The more stars an appliance gets, the more energy it saves.
  4. Adjust the thermostat of your AC: How an air conditioner works depends on its thermostat settings. An air conditioner consumes huge electricity. Raise the set temperature to about 78 degree F during summer. Set the temperature down during the winter. This will help you to save energy and slash your electricity bill. Also clean the air filters at regular intervals to improve efficiency.
  5. Use a programmable electronic thermostat for your heating and cooling systems: You can easily set an electronic thermostat to adjust temperature energy saving levels as and when required.
  6. Use Refrigerator Wisely: A refrigerator consumes too much electricity. Use it wisely. Open the door only briefly and adjust the “Cold” control according to the manufacturer’s directions. Clean refrigerator coils at regular intervals. Even though most refrigerators are frost-free, defrost only if necessary.
  7. Use Water Heater Wisely: It consumes a lot of power. Turn down the water heater temperature to a maximum of 120 degrees.
  8. Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs: Use CFL or compact fluorescent light bulb that consumes less energy as compared to normal incandescent light bulbs. They also give more light. They will cost more but will be money saver and energy saver in the long run.
  9. Follow energy saving tips on lighting the home.
  10. Go Green – use alternate and green energy such as solar energy.


If you are able to implement even half of the steps mentioned above, you can save considerable amount of energy and slash electric bills to a great.

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