Cable Ties, Zip Ties, Wire Ties – Different Types of Cable Ties

Cable ties are also known as zip ties, wire ties, bundling ties or fasteners. Two engineers form Thomas & Brett invented a fastener called ‘Ty-Rap’ in the year 1958. These cable ties were made out of nylon and metal and were meant for aeroplane harnesses.

Before the invention of cable ties, manufacturers, companies and traders used to fasten and bundle items using tapes lacing cords and twines etc. This was not proper way to bundle. There was a need to develop something that bundle wires and cable in a proper and organized way. Cable ties was the solution.

With the development of technology, complete nylon cable ties were introduced. These ties were adjustable and had self locking.

Different Types of Cable Ties

Cable ties are available in different sizes, colors and material including nylon, nylon 6/6, stainless steel, Fluoropolymer, metal and more.

  1. Miniature Cable Ties: These are highly durable small cable ties and are best suited for smaller, light duty cable and wire bundling applications.
  2. Intermediate Cable Zip Ties: These are durable and reliable zip ties ideal for bundling jobs of medium-duty applications.

    Cable Ties

    Cable Ties

  3. Standard Tie Wraps: These are superior quality cable ties offering durability and high reliability.
  4. Heavy-Duty Cable Ties: These ties are appropriate for heavier bundling applications.
  5. Extra Heavy-Duty Cable Ties: As the name suggests, these ties are meant for extra-heavy duty bundling applications.
  6. Releasable Cable Ties: Releasable ties are the ideal cable tie solution for a broad assortment of cable and wire bundling applications. Releasable cable ties can be reused several times and they offer secure, highly reliable bundling solution.
  7. In-line Low Profile Cable Ties: In-line low profile cable ties are ideal for a wide range of cable and wiring applications that require a parallel entry.
  8. Stainless Steel Zip Ties: Stainless steel cable ties are very strong and durable steel zip ties. They are suitable for bundling cable and wire applications in severe environmental conditions or in conditions with extreme temperatures.
  9. Tefzel Fluoropolymer Cable Ties: Tefzel Fluoropolymer cable ties are suitable for bungling applications that require resistance to environmental stresses including chemicals, gamma radiation, ultraviolet radiation and extreme temperatures.
  10. Halar Fluoropolymer Cable Ties: Halar fluoropolymer cable ties are suitable for bundling applications related to qualified cable. These cable ties are highly flame resistance and meet U.L. Flammability ratings.
  11. Metal Detectable Cable Ties: These ties are normally used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Metal detectable cable ties are suitable for all such applications where contamination has to be avoided.
  12. Polypropylene Cable Ties: Polypropylene cable ties have excellent resistance to chemicals and outdoor contaminants.
  13. Heat Stabilized Nylon Cable Ties: Heat stabilized Nylon 6/6 cable ties have very high melting point and are heat resistant.
  14. Mounted Head Cable Ties: These ties offer bundling and mounting solution with one product.
  15. Restricted Bundle Cable Ties: Bundle cables with a restricted tie are designed to form a fixed loop.
  16. ID Cable Ties: Identification cable ties bundle and identify with one product.
  17. Flag ID Cable Ties: Cable tie flags are used to imprint or hand write important cable and wire identification information and assembly numbers.
  18. ID Marker Cable Ties: They have a marker area for imprinting or handwriting cable assembly numbers and other vital identification information.
  19. Write-on Flag Tie Markers/Wire Ties: These ties are best suitable for marking and identifying wires, cables, pipes, valves, equipment, inventory etc.
  20. Ski Ties / Security Ties: These ties are a simple and good alternative to metal wickets.
  21. Hook and Loop Cable Ties: These are soft and flexible cable ties that prevent any damage to wire insulation.
  22. Specialty Cable Ties: These ties are available to suit a wide variety of purposes that work well under harsh and extreme conditions.

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