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SMD Surface Mount Electronic Components for SMT

SMD or Surface Mount Electronic Components for SMT are no different from through-hole components as far as the electrical function is concerned. Because they are smaller, however, the SMCs (surface mount components) provide better electrical performance.

Not all components are available in surface mount for electronics at this time; hence the full benefits of surface mounting on PCB

Cable Ties, Zip Ties, Wire Ties – Different Types of Cable Ties

Cable ties are also known as zip ties, wire ties, bundling ties or fasteners. Two engineers form Thomas & Brett invented a fastener called ‘Ty-Rap’ in the year 1958. These cable ties were made out of nylon and metal and were meant for aeroplane harnesses.

Before the invention of cable ties, manufacturers, companies and traders used to fasten and bundle …

Electronic Components, Parts and Their Function

Electronic components are basic electronic element or electronic parts usually packaged in a discrete form with two or more connecting leads or metallic pads.

Electronic Components are intended to be connected together, usually by soldering to a printed circuit board (PCB), to create an electronic circuit with a particular function (for example an amplifier, radio receiver, oscillator, wireless). Some …

Active and Passive Electronic Components

There are two classes of electronic componentsActive and Passive. Both these electronic components are different from each other. This article explains all about active and passive electronic components and the difference between the two.

What are Active Electronic Components?

Active electronic components are those that can control the flow of electricity. Most electronic printed circuit boards