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Ball Grid Array (BGA) Package

A BGA Package

Ball Grid Array (BGA) Package – Types of BGA, Advantages, Disadvantages and Soldering of Ball Grid Array, Pin Grid Array, Land Grid Array.

SMT Troubleshooting

SMT Troubleshooting

SMT Troubleshooting will always be there. SMT is NOT ZERO-Defect soldering process. Problems will Occur, but Solutions are there.

SMT Repair and Inspection Equipment

SMT Inspection Machine

SMT Repair and Inspection Equipment are unique to Surface Mount Technology.

SMT Curing / Baking Oven for SMT Soldering

SMT Oven

SMT Baking Oven or SMT Curing Oven is used for SMD Soldering in Surface Mount Technology (SMT).

SMT Reflow Soldering Equipment / Machine

SMT Reflow Soldering Machine

SMT reflow soldering equipment / machine is the second major equipment after pick-and-place machine in any SMT line.

SMT Solvent Cleaning Equipment

SMT Solvent Cleaning Machine

SMT Solvent Cleaning Equipment / Machine are used in Electronics to clean and remove excess solder from electronic assemblies (PCB) after soldering.

SMT Solder Paste Screen Printer Machine for Solder Paste Screen Printing

SMT Screen Printer

Solder Paste Screen Printer for SMT is needed to screen print solder paste onto the printed circuit board (PCB) before placement of surface mount components (SMD) for Reflow Soldering.

Surface Mount Design Considerations in SMT & CTE Mismatching

Surface Mount Design Consideration

Surface Mount Design issues, CTE Mismatch Problem and Land Pattern Standard must be settled before a surface mount technology design or packaging direction is selected.

Types of Surface Mounting in SMT

Types of SMT

There are 3 Types of Surface Mounting in SMT – Type I, Type II and Type III. They use mix of SMD and Through Hole Components and Soldering Techniques. Let us discuss them and understand in detail.

SMT Soldering Process & Assembly Techniques

SMT Soldering
  1. SMT Soldering Process and techniques is little different from through hole technology.

SMT Manufacturing Line and Assembly Process

SMT Manufacturing

For successful SMT Manufacturing Line and and Assembly Process and implementation of Surface Mount Technology (SMT)