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Best Electronic Tool Kit for Engineer, Technician, Professional

Best Electronic Tool Kit

Best Electronic Tool Kit – Goot TL-20 Professional Electronic Repair Tool Kit is Best Electronic Tool Kit for any Engineer, Electronics Engineering Student, Electronic Technician, Professional Computer Repair Technician.

Soldering in Electronics


Soldering in electronics is all about joining electronic components to the PCB by hand using soldering station or soldering iron.

Lead-Free (Pb-Free) Solder and Composition

Lead Free Solder

Lead Free Solder is taking rapid momentum around the world after the EU (European Union) Directives to wipe off lead (Poison) from electronic soldering considering its health and environmental effects.

Types of Surface Mounting in SMT

Types of SMT

There are 3 Types of Surface Mounting in SMT – Type I, Type II and Type III. They use mix of SMD and Through Hole Components and Soldering Techniques. Let us discuss them and understand in detail.