Electronic Components Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors

Here is the largest list of Top and Best manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of electronic components including: capacitor (C), cathode ray tube (CTR), diode (D, CR), digital signal processor (DSP, field effect transistor (FET), integrated circuit (IC), junction gate fieldeffect transistor (JFET), inductor (L), Liquid crystal display (LCD), light dependent resistor (LDR, light emitting diode (LED), Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET), transistor (Q), resistor (R), relay (RLA, RY), switch (SW), transformer (T), thermistor (TH), transistor (Tr), integrated circuit (U, IC), variable capacitor (VC), variable resistor (VR) and more.

  1. Epson Toyocom – Epson is global leader and worldwide supplier and distributor of semiconductors, high-temperature Polysilicon TFTs, small-and medium-sized LCDs and crystal devices. Epson is worldwide suppliers and distributors of electronic components including North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and Middle East.
  2. NIPPON INDUSTRIES CO. LTD. (NIC) – NIC is the worldwide leader, supplier and distributor of aluminium electrolytic capacitors, tantalum film capacitors, ceramic capacitors, resistive components, surface mount component, thick film resistor chips, tantalum and ceramic chips, multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors, chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors, chip resistors / resistor networks, SMT thermistors /inductors / varistors, tantalum chip capacitors, metallized polyester film capacitor chips, leaded miniature electrolytic / tantalum capacitors, ferrite beads & rectifier diodes.
  3. RCD – RCD electronic components include – surface mount products, chip resistors, sip-networks & active/passive-delay lines, resistor network in surface mount, sip/dip packages, wire-wound resistors , resistance standards, carbon-film, metal film & metal oxide resistors, special purpose high precision resistors, inductive products/delay lines, surface mount components , surface mount tantalum chip capacitors.
  4. Rara Electronics Co. – Rara is one of the global leading manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of various resistors including wire wound resistors, power film resistors, RF resistors, current sensing resistors, precision resistors, and high voltage resistors.
  5. Megaphase – Megaphase is the global suppliers and distributors of all kinds of cables including TM series cables, VN series cables, series 1 & 2 cables, series 3 & 5 cables, series 7 cables, jump shot coaxial jumper cables, 75-Ohm site line test cables, CM series test cable, SF series test cables, site line field & production test cable, SL series and TM series bench test cables, semi-rigid cable assemblies, micro-miniature semi-rigid cable assemblies.
  6. Fischer – Fischer Elektronik is a world leader in heatsinks and concepts for semiconductor cooling, connectors /brackets /optoelectronics exporting their world-class products to over 91 countries. Their electronic components product range include extruded heat sinks, processor cooler, cooling aggregates, welded heatsinks and other cooling solutions.
  7. MAC8 (Shindenkizai Co. Ltd.) – MAC8 electronic components include LED spacers, heat-release LED spacers, LED plastic holder for panels, connector for laser diodes, laser diode sockets, pin inserts, threaded spacers, test pin for oscilloscopes.
  8. Mouser – Mouser is leading electronic component parts distributor. Their products include semiconductors, connectors, optoelectronics, capacitors, resistors, inductors, relays, and sensors etc.
  9. Farnell – Farnell is one of the world’s largest catalogue distributors of electronic components and industrial products including capacitors, transistors, resistors, diodes, fuses, integrated circuits, semiconductors and transformers.
  10. BatesComponents – BatesComponents is wholesale distributor & supplier of discontinued and obsolete electronic & electrical components. They are worldwide leaders and suppliers of obsolete electronic components, semiconductors, integrated circuits, military components, connectors, switches etc.
Electronic Components

Electronic Components

Criteria Adopted to Choose These Companies – Since there are hundreds and thousands of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of electronic components, it is not possible to mention each and every one on them here. Companies mentioned here are worldwide leaders of electronic component suppliers and distributors for electronics PCB assembly and rework.

Electronic Companies: (Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters):Here is the biggest list of Electronic Companies: Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters.

AMD Apple Cisco Systems Dell Emerson Radio
Hewlett-Packard IBM Intel Sun Microsystems Texas Instruments
Zenith Toshiba Zenith Casio Epson
Fujifilm Sharp Hitachi Sony Nikon
Panasonic Sanyo  Acer Gigabyte TCL
LG Philips Bharat Electronics Limited Siemens

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