Basic Soldering Guide – How to Solder Electronic Components

Proper soldering technique and quality of solder are the lifeline of any PCB manufacturing and assembly. If you are into electronics, you must be knowing that soldering is basically a technique to join two metals using a third metal or alloy. In electronic PCB Manufacturing, assembly and rework, the metals to be joined are the leads of

RoHS Guide in Electronics: RoHS, WEEE and Lead-Free FAQ

If you are in Electronics Industry, Electronics Assembly and Manufacturing or Electronics Rework / repairing then you must have heard of RoHS, WEEE and Lead-Free.

  1. What is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)?
  2. What is WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment)?
  3. What is Lead-Free?

Let us discuss these in detail:

What is RoHS?

RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. …

BGA (Ball Grid Array): Repairing and Soldering BGA

Electronic Devices and Gadgets are getting smaller and slimmer day by day. All this is possible because of technological progress and development in electronics. Top Electronic Companies in the World are in competition to make the smallest and slimmest gadgets. SMDs or Surface Mount Devices and BGA or Ball Grid array are two electronic components responsible for making electronic devises …

Wave Soldering: Equipment & Process

Wave soldering is the most widely used method in electronics industry for soldering through-hole electronic components. Components glued to the bottom of a mixed-technology PCB require wave soldering, although the required wave geometry is different from that for through-hole electronic components. In the most common wave soldering geometry, the dual-wave type, one wave is turbulent and the other wave …

Surface Mount Soldering Guide – SMD Soldering

There are many soldering process available for surface mount components but none is perfect for all applications. All SMD soldering processes have technical concerns and there are ways to resolve those concerns. Because it offers higher yield and lower operation cost, convection dominant IR soldering has evolved as the preferred process for reflow soldering.

Vapor phase soldering will not disappear …

SMD Surface Mount Electronic Components for SMT

SMD or Surface Mount Electronic Components for SMT are no different from through-hole components as far as the electrical function is concerned. Because they are smaller, however, the SMCs (surface mount components) provide better electrical performance.

Not all components are available in surface mount for electronics at this time; hence the full benefits of surface mounting on PCB

SMT Pick-and-Place Machine

SMT (Surface Mount Technology) needs several types of equipment. Pick-and-Place machine is the heart of surface mount. A pick-and-place machine picks and places electronic components onto the PCB prior to soldering. These machines generally contribute to about 50% of the total cost of a complete SMT production line.

Some surface mount placement machine (pick-and-place machine) is very versatile and …

Cable Ties, Zip Ties, Wire Ties – Different Types of Cable Ties

Cable ties are also known as zip ties, wire ties, bundling ties or fasteners. Two engineers form Thomas & Brett invented a fastener called ‘Ty-Rap’ in the year 1958. These cable ties were made out of nylon and metal and were meant for aeroplane harnesses.

Before the invention of cable ties, manufacturers, companies and traders used to fasten and bundle …

Soldering Station Guide

About Soldering Station

A soldering station is a soldering tool with a separate station to control temperature and a soldering iron. A soldering station can be either analog or digital.

A soldering station is an electronic tool for hand soldering of electronic components onto a PCB. It consists of a station or a unit to control temperature

Computer Companies – Top 10 Computer Manufacturing Companies in The World

Computers and laptops / notebooks have become a part of our life. Life without a computer is next to impossible in this age of fast growing world of electronics and technology.

As the demand for computers grew, more and more companies stepped in the business to manufacture computers and computer hardware and software. Some of these companies manufacture all computer

Top Electronic Companies in the World

ELECTRONICS is related to the control of electrons (electricity) and the study of their behavior and effects. This control is accomplished by Electronic Components (resistors, capacitors etc) that resist, carry, select, steer, switch, store, manipulate, and exploit the electron.

Difference in “Electronics” and “Electrical”:

Electronics deals with flow of charge (electron) through non-metal conductors (semiconductors).

Electrical deals with

Electronic Components, Parts and Their Function

Electronic components are basic electronic element or electronic parts usually packaged in a discrete form with two or more connecting leads or metallic pads.

Electronic Components are intended to be connected together, usually by soldering to a printed circuit board (PCB), to create an electronic circuit with a particular function (for example an amplifier, radio receiver, oscillator, wireless). Some …

Solar Energy Companies in India – List of Solar Power Companies

Solar energy is the most abundantly available renewable source of energy. In this rapidly growing world of electronics and technology, the demand of energy and electricity has grown rapidly. However, there are limited sources to produce non-renewable energy and here comes the demand for renewable solar energy.

The sun has produced energy for billions of years. Solar energy is …

How to Solder – Hand Soldering Tutorial

Hand soldering is done during PCB rework in a production unit when a PCB gets rejected or fails the quality pass test. Hand soldering is also done for repairing and servicing printed circuit boards by service centers.

The main focus of this article is to make you learn how to solder properly using the best hand soldering methods and techniques

Printed Circuit Board Prototype

Printed circuit board prototype is one the most important part and tool for any engineer in electronics and PCB manufacturing and assembly. PCB prototype is extremely important starting from designing to finished electronic products, gadgets or appliances. It allows testing a given design to find out if it will work or not. This way one can debug and rectify …