Top 50 Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in the World

Top semiconductor manufacturing companies in the world. A semiconductor company can manufacture silicon wafer or it can be a fables semiconductor company. Here is a List of Top 50 Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in the World.

Semiconductors have become a part of electronics and our life. All modern day electronic devices including radio, computers, telephones etc have semiconductor in some form …

Top Silicon Wafer Manufacturing Companies in the World

A semiconductor company can either manufacture silicon wafers or design chips manufactured by some other company.

What is a semiconductor?

A Semiconductor can be defined as a material that has the characteristics and ability to conduct a small amount of electrical current in a controlled manner. Semiconductors have much lower resistance to the flow of electrical current in one direction …

How Semiconductor Works

A Semiconductor can be defined as a material that has the characteristics and ability to conduct a small amount of electrical current. Semiconductors have much lower resistance to the flow of electrical current in one direction than in another. Electronic Components such as Diodes, transistors, and many photovoltaic cells contain semiconductive materials. The electrical conductivity of a semiconductor device

Solder Flux Basics

Solder flux is a kind of chemical used in PCB soldering and assembly. It is basically used to clean surface of PCB before soldering process. The main function of flux in any printed circuit board assembly or rework is to clean and remove any oxide from the board. These oxides deposited on the board may not permit …

Cored Solder Wire – All about flux cored solder wire

Solder wire is an alloy used in the electronics industry for soldering electronic components onto the printed circuit board or two pieces of metal. Solder can be leaded (Sn/Pb) or lead-free (with no lead). Both leaded and lead-free solder can be either flux cored (with flux in the core of the wire) or solid (with no flux in the core.)

Solder Paste and Its Application in SMT

Solder paste or solder cream is simply a suspension of fine solder particles in a flux vehicle. In electronics industry, solder paste is used in surface mount technology (SMT) to solder SMDs on to the printed circuit board. The composition of the particles can be tailored to produce a paste of the desired melting range. Additional metals can be …

Printed Circuit Board: Design, Diagram and Assembly

Circuit board or printed circuit board (PCB) or printed wiring board (PWB), is a board made out of non-insulating and highly heat-resistant insulating material such as fiberglass. These boards are also called substrates. A substrate or board may have only one single layer (single-layer circuit board) or more than one layer (multilayer circuit board). A conductive metal such as …

Active and Passive Electronic Components

There are two classes of electronic componentsActive and Passive. Both these electronic components are different from each other. This article explains all about active and passive electronic components and the difference between the two.

What are Active Electronic Components?

Active electronic components are those that can control the flow of electricity. Most electronic printed circuit boards

Cleanroom Basics in Manufacturing or Scientific Research

A cleanroom is a working environment where concentration of  airborne particles and contamination is controlled to maintain the specified limits. A cleanroom working environment is required at manufacturing units of semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing centers, testing facilities and other critical environments where little contamination can be harmful.

Any contamination in a cleanroom generated by movement of people, manufacturing or …

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) – Process, Technology, Tips and Techniques

Printed circuit board assembly, also known as PCBA, is the process of soldering or assembly of electronic components to a PCB or printed circuit board. A circuit board prior to assembly of electronic components is known as PCB. Once electronic components are soldered, the board is called Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) or Printed Circuit Board Assembly

How to Generate Electricity – How is Electricity Generated

Electricity is the energy made available by the flow of electric charge through a conductor. It is carried by wires or produced by batteries and is used to power machines. Electricity is lifeline of modern world. There are different types of electricity generated through renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.

What is Electricity?

Electricity is flow of electrons from …

Electronic Components Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors

Here is the largest list of Top and Best manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of electronic components including: capacitor (C), cathode ray tube (CTR), diode (D, CR), digital signal processor (DSP, field effect transistor (FET), integrated circuit (IC), junction gate fieldeffect transistor (JFET), inductor (L), Liquid crystal display (LCD), light dependent resistor (LDR, light emitting diode (LED), Metal oxide semiconductor field