Soldering in Electronics – Hand Soldering | Automated Soldering | SMT Soldering | BGA Soldering | All Process of Soldering in Electronics

Soldering in electronics is all about joining electronic components to the PCB by hand using soldering station or soldering iron, or wave soldering using wave soldering machine or reflow soldering using reflow machine.  Soldering can be either hand soldering or automated soldering. It can also be either thru-hole soldering or SMT Soldering using Surface Mount Technology.

Soldering in Electronics

Hand Soldering in Electronics

Hand soldering is done for thru-hole electronic components using soldering iron or soldering station. Hand soldering is not meant for mass production. It is generally done for repairing and repair of rejected PCBs during mass production or for repairing of faulty Printed Circuit Boards after using electronic products for a long time.

Automated Soldering in Electronics

Automated soldering is done for mass production. It can be done by using wave soldering machine, reflow machine or Automatic SMT Machine.

SMT Soldering in Electronics

SMD or surface mount electronic components (ICs and Chips) are soldered to the PCB using Surface Mount Technology. The process uses Reflow soldering machine and automated pick and place machines. Sometime repairing and replacement of SMD components is also done by hand.

BGA Soldering in Electronics

BGA or Ball Grid Array are small tiny electronic components without any leads. They have tiny ball underneath the IC. These ICs or BGAs are soldering so the PCB using Automated BGA Soldering Machine or Hot air Reflow Machine. Visit – SMT Expert – Ray Prasad

Important components of electronic soldering:

  1. Soldering Flux – Needed for all processes of soldering.
  2. Solder Wire – Needed for Hand Soldering.
  3. Solder Bar – Needed for Wave Soldering.
  4. Solder Balls – Needed for BGA Soldering.
  5. Soldering Iron and Soldering Station – Needed for Hand Soldering.
  6. Wave Soldering Machine – Needed for Automated Wave Soldering.
  7. Reflow Soldering Machine – Needed for Automated Reflow soldering of SMD Components.
  8. BGA Soldering Machine – Needed for BGA Soldering.

I hope all of the above points were useful enough to explain Soldering in electronics. If you have and question or doubt then feel free to ask via comments below.

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