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About Soldering Station

A soldering station is a soldering tool with a separate station to control temperature and a soldering iron. A soldering station can be either analog or digital.

A soldering station is an electronic tool for hand soldering of electronic components onto a PCB. It consists of a station or a unit to control temperature and a soldering iron that can be attached to the station unit. Most soldering stations have temperature control and are mostly used in electronics PCB assembly and manufacturing units. They are also used for mass repairing of circuit boards. Most genuine service centers also use these temperature controlled soldering stations for repair and rework jobs.

Digital and Analog Temperature-Controlled Soldering Stations

A soldering station can be either analog or digital. Analog units have knobs to

Hakko Soldering Station

Hakko Soldering Station

control (increase or decrease) temperature. They don’t have any display to show the current set temperature. The temperature setting in these units is not very accurate. On the other hand, digital units have settings to control the temperature digitally. They also have a display that shows the current set temperature. These units offer better accuracy but are little expensive than their analog counterparts.

ESD-Safe and Non-ESD Safe Soldering Station

Again, a soldering station can be either ESD-safe of Non-ESD safe. ESD stands

Weller Soldering Station

Weller Soldering Station

for Electrostatic Discharge (the rapid transfer of charge that can occur when objects at different potential come close to each other). An ESD-safe soldering station means that no static charge will be built on the station or the iron. Special material is used to make these units. These tools are also well grounded to discharge any unwanted electricity into the ground. An ESD-safe soldering station is a must for most latest electronic gadgets and mobile phones because most of these gadgets have electronic components that are very sensitive to static charge and can easily get damaged. ICs and semiconductors are very sensitive to static charge.

Good Soldering Station

A good soldering station should be ESD-safe and give accurate temperature control. Design should be ergonomic to avoid fatigue during soldering. It should also have a wide selection of soldering tips. There are number of soldering station and soldering tools manufacturers around the world but the world leaders are Hakko and Weller. These two are well trusted and respected brands when it comes to soldering tools and equipments.

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A soldering station – With all the circuitry and the temperature control settings.


A soldering iron – It can be plugged into the soldering iron. It houses the soldering bit and the heating element. Some of them even have inbuilt temperature sensors to avoid any damage due to overheating.


A soldering iron stand – To hold the soldering iron.


Cleaning sponge – To clean the soldering tip (remove solder and flux from the tip)


Operating manual, warranty card and calibration report.

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