Top Electronic Companies in the World

ELECTRONICS is related to the control of electrons (electricity) and the study of their behavior and effects. This control is accomplished by Electronic Components (resistors, capacitors etc) that resist, carry, select, steer, switch, store, manipulate, and exploit the electron.

Difference in “Electronics” and “Electrical”:

Electronics deals with flow of charge (electron) through non-metal conductors (semiconductors).

Electrical deals with the flow of charge through metal conductors.

Example: Flow of charge through silicon which is not a metal would come under electronics whereas flow of charge through copper which is a metal would come under electrical.

Electronics is now a part of our everyday life. Mobiles, TV, Radio, Computer, Laptops, Refrigerator, and Gadgets etc are all essentials of our life. Thanks to all the leading Electronic Companies of the world that bring to us all these Electronic Products and Gadgets.

Electronic Companies

Top Electronic Companies in The United States

ELECTRONICS ◄► AMD ◄►Apple◄► Avaya◄►Averatec◄►Cisco Systems◄►Dell◄►eMachines◄► Emerson Radio ◄►Emerson Electric ◄► Gateway ◄► Hewlett-Packard ◄► IBM ◄► Intel ◄► NVIDIA ◄► Packard Bell ◄► RCA ◄► SGI ◄► Sun Microsystems ◄► Texas Instruments ◄►Unisys ◄►Zenith

Top Electronic Companies of Japan

Alpine ◄► Brother Industries ◄► Canon ◄► Casio ◄► Clarion ◄► Corega ◄► Denon ◄► Eizo (Nanao) ◄► Epson ◄► Fujifilm ◄► Fuji Xerox ◄► Fujitsu ◄► Funai ◄► Hitachi ◄► iiyama ◄► IO Data ◄► JVC (Victor) ◄► Konica ◄► Minolta ◄► Kyocera ◄► Marantz ◄► Melco (Buffalo) ◄► Mitsubishi Electric ◄► Mouse Computer ◄► NEC ◄► Nikon ◄► Oki ◄► Olympus ◄► Panasonic ◄► Pentax ◄► Pioneer ◄► Planex ◄► Renesas ◄► Ricoh ◄► Sanyo ◄► Sharp ◄► SII ◄► Sony ◄► TDK ◄► Toshiba

Top Electronic Companies in Taiwan

Acer ◄► Asus ◄► BenQ ◄► ECS ◄►EPoX ◄► Gigabyte ◄► MSI ◄► Soyo ◄► TSMC ◄► VIA Technologies ◄► SURYA

Top Electronic Companies in China

Aigo ◄► Haier ◄► TCL

Top Electronic Companies in India

Bharat Electronics Limited ◄► Videocon ◄► Voltas◄► BPL

Top Electronic Companies in Germany

Grundig ◄► Siemens

Top Electronic Companies in Korea, South

Daewoo Electronics ◄► LG ◄► Samsung

Top Electronic Companies in Netherlands

Top Electronic Companies in Scotland

Top Electronic Companies in The United Kingdom

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