Types of Electric Current

Electrical current is the flow of charged particles. It is similar to flow of water molecules in a river. Electric current is of two types:

  1. Direct Current (DC)
  2. Alternative Current (AC)

Direct Current: (DC):

In this type of electric current, direction is always same. The electric current generated from a cell or battery is DC. Due to the same direction of Direct Current, its frequency is ZERO. In DC Current one end is Positive (+) and the other end is Negative (-).

DC Symbol - Direct Current Symbol
DC Current Symbol

Alternative Current (AC)

Electrical current whose direction and value keeps changing is known as Alternating Current (AC). The value of AC current in one direction increases from ZERO to Maximum and fall down to ZERO and then in opposite direction it increases from ZERO to Maximum again and come back to ZERO. Due to this increase in both directions, the graph of AC looks like a Wave. This is called sine wave. In Alternate Current or AC, 50 such cycles or waves come in ONE Second. One side of AC is PHASE and the other side is NEUTRAL.

Alternate Current Symbol - AC Symbol
AC Current Symbol

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